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Two with Nature cover (15x21).jpg

Two With Nature

Illustrator: Ellen Hickman

Writer: John Ryan

Ellen Hickman is an illustrator and botanical scientist who captures the natural world in layers of fine detail and colour.

John Ryan is a writer whose botanical poetry explores what he calls the inherently mysterious nature of the plant world.

Fusing art and science, words and images, Two with Nature stimulates new ways of knowing the green world

ISBN:             9781922089120 Hardback

Publisher:      Fremantle Press, WA

Date:             November 2012

Retail Price:   $35.00

Tuart Dwellers (15x21).jpg

Tuart Dwellers

Author: Jan Ramage

Illustrator: Ellen Hickman

From the break of dawn to nightfall, the tuart is not as it appears. Leaves and bark, trunk and branches - all are places of pretence, traps and trickery. Find out what surprise a "moon crater" might hide and why a bullseye borer drills holes; how a crab spider goes shopping and a jewel beetle becomes a seedpod; why a dragon wears a beard and how a gecko talks. And meet the "mad hatterpiller", who does a very clever hat trick. Tuart Dwellers celebrates the diversity, colour and ingenuity of the natural world.

ISBN:             9781876615307 Hardback

Publisher:      Department of Environment & Conservation, WA

Date:             December 2008

Retail Price:   $26.95

Hooray for Chester_10x14.jpg

Hooray for Chester

Author: Rina A. Foti

Illustrator: Ellen J. Hickman

Chester decides that Greenbush Swamp is the perfect place for a crocodile to live. But it seems nobody there wants to play with him, not the lorikeets or the storks, not the possums or the bats, not even the fish! Then one day the creatures of Greenbush Swamp discover that Chester is no ordinary crocodile. This is a great book explaining how wrong first expressions can be and that we should accept others regardless of how different they may be from us. It is a great story that teaches kids to always help others when in need even if those others didn’t think of you as their friend at first.

ISBN:            9781876615123  (Hardback)

Publisher:     Windy Hollow Books

Date :           August 2008

Retail Price:  $24.95


ISBN:            9781921136245 (Paperback)

Publisher:     Windy Hollow Books

Date:            May 2003

Retail Price:  $17.95

Brush with Gondwana_10x14.jpg

Brush with Gondwana

Author: Janda Gooding

Illustrators: Pat Dundas, Rica Erickson, Penny Leech, Ellen Hickman,

                    Margaret Pieroni, Philippa Nikulinsky & Katrina Syme

Seven leading botanical artists are brought together for the first time in this beautifully illustrated book. Author Janda Gooding shares the stories behind each artist’s illustrations and reveals a rich and diverse record of Western Australia’s unique flora, fauna and fungi.

ISBN-13:       9781921361265 (Hardback)

Publisher:     Fremantle Press

Date:            October 2008,

Retail Price:  $60.00

ISBN:            9781922089298 (Paperback)

Publisher:     Fremantle Press

Date:            October 2013,

Retail Price:  $35.00

Australian Rushes_10x14.jpg

Australian Rushes

Authors: Kathy A. Meney & John S. Pate

Illustrator: Ellen J. Hickman

A comprehensive guide to the Restionaceae of Australia and related taxa. Comprehensive background information on taxonomy, biology and conservation, identification keys, species descriptions, magnificent illustrations by Ellen Hickman of every species, and detailed anatomical micrographs of stem and roots. All you could possibly want to know about this distinctively Australian group.

ISBN-13:      9781876268015 Hardback

Published:    Australian Biological Resources Study/University of Western                                   Australia Press

Date:             September 1999,

Retail Price:  $94.95

Flora of the Kimberley Region_10x14.jpg

Flora of the Kimberley Region

Editor: Judy R. Wheeler

Provides descriptions of the 2085 known native and introduced vascular plant species in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Entries include notes on habitat, distribution and flowering seasons. Includes references, indexes of both scientific and common names, and 356 line drawings to aid identification. 1327 pages.

ISBN:           0730952215 Hardback

Publisher:    Department of Conservation & Land Management

Date:           1992

Retail Price:  Out of print