Below are images of Ellen's artworks available as greetings cards.

The cards are blank inside and packaged individually with a C6 envelope.

Card size: 154 x 105 mm (folded) Price: $3.00 ea + postage.

If you would like to purchase cards, or require any more information, please Contact Ellen.

Botanical Series

Actinodium calocephalum (15x21)_1.jpg
Actinodium calocephalum
Stylidium imbricatum (15x21)_1.jpg
Stylidium imbricatum
Pimelea physodes (15x21)_1.jpg
Pimelea physodes
Callistemon glaucus (15x21)_1.jpg
Callistemon glaucus
Swainsona formosa (15x21)_1.jpg
Swainsona formosa
Lechenaultia formosa (15x21).jpg
Lechenaultia formosa
Lechenaultia biloba (15x21).jpg
Lechenaultia biloba
Hakea victorea (15x21).jpg
Hakea victorea
Isopogon latifolius (15x21).jpg
Isopogon latifolius
Eucalyptus rhodantha (15x21)_1.jpg
Eucalyptus rhodantha
Pimelea physodes 2 (15x21)_1.jpg
Pimelea physodes
Cephalotus follicularis 2 (15x21)_1.jpg
Cephalotus follicularis
Banksia coccinea (15x21)_1.jpg
Banksia coccinea
Darwinia collina card.jpg
Darwinia collina
Darwinia squarrosa card.jpg
Darwinia squarrosa
Darwinia macrostegia card (10x15).jpg
Darwinia macrostegia
Darwinia meeboldii card.jpg
Darwinia meeboldii
Eucalyptus caesia card (10x15).jpg
Swainsona formosa card (10x15).jpg
Eucalyptus caesia
Swainsona formosa
Hakea laurina card (10x15).jpg
Hakea laurina

Landscape Series

Snappy Gums_10x14.jpg
Snappy Gums
Milli Milli Spring_10x14.jpg
Joffre Gorge_10x14.jpg
Joffre Gorge
Milli Milli Springs